"They just lead to additional problems. I wish people would have stayed basic. It would have made their lives and our lives much easier. " The classic example among servicers is the LG refrigerator that included a television on the front door. The model has been discontinued. "At a seminar I asked, sort of joking, 'Should we send out the appliance repair tech or a TV repairman?' " Rist asked. Experts say homeowners share some of the blame for appliance failures. Many problems could be avoided if they simply cleaned the appliances and followed the owners' manuals, servicers say. "Nobody reads their use and care manual, but those things do help," Smith said. "It's much more critical now than it used to be. " The question of when to repair and when to replace depends on many variables, but repair crews, not surprisingly, lean toward keeping an old machine running. Those guys were so busy, they couldn’t even stop to talk to me when I asked them did they want my overflow calls. Then I moved to a mid sized city of 1. 5 million people with about 6 8 established service companies, and I worried about competing with them. Within a year, I was getting so many calls, I had to hire 2 other techs!Don’t be afraid to start your business because of competition, there is always plenty of work out there for honest and dedicated appliance repair techs. Hi Steve, just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate this site. We just recently started a repair business after working for a small company for a few years.

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Finding enough clients to make your independent appliance repair contractor business profitable can be difficult, if not impossible.